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Mentoring & Coaching

Do you want to develop a powerful, clear mindset that will enable you to make sustainable ‘Positive Change’ so you can thrive and flourish in your career and personal life?

A mentor is a great way to delve deep into creating change.  Jo has many years of experience working in the fields of travel & tourism, health and wellbeing, tertiary education organizations and event management.  Having had her own business for over 18 years Jo will share her wisdom, experience and expertise to assist you to find the strategies, tools and techniques that will help shape, grow and enhance your business.  Finding your creative spark and allowing your to flourish and thrive.


She also works with clients wanting to create positive change in both their professional and personal life.  Through deep conversations, business success strategies, goal setting, vision boards and creating new habits; clients see a dramatic change in all areas of their life after just a couple of sessions.


Jo works with a variety of clients including:


  • Small and Medium business owners

  • Developing and Emerging leaders

  • Event Managers and Co-ordinators

  • Health and Wellness in Corporate and
    Personal Wellbeing


Areas of Expertise

  • Expert Strategist

  • Resilience Educator

  • Communication specialist

  • Work/Life Balance Educator

  • Mindset Coaching

  • Emotional Intelligence/Positive Psychology

  • Creativity enhancer

  • Thought Provoker


Initial session is 90 minutes $ 150

Follow up sessions 60 minutes $100


Bookings can be made here


Jo Surkitt mentoring

"I have been working with Jo for six months on how to grow my business in a market that is flooded with my service.  Jo always has strategies that resonate with me and my business and they have all worked so far.  I love the way she focuses on my mindset which gives me the drive and confidence I need to move forward in my business" Tracey, Mentoring Client

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