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Body, Facial and Ear Candling

If you spend the spring and summer months sneezing from hayfever and the winter sniffling with a cold or congestion, then candling might just be the secret weapon you’ve been looking for. A natural healing remedy, face and ear candling is an effective treatment for a variety of conditions that affect both the sinuses, lymphatics and the auditory system.


Jo across this technique many years ago for

her severe hayfever and sinus (She has been

practicing Candling for 20 years now), and

was hooked after her first treatment. Non-invasive

and pain-free, ear candling uses a specially

designed candle to draw excessive wax, fluid

and residue from your sinuses on your face and

from the ear, so it’s great for clearing up those

bunged-up, heavy-headed colds, congestion,

flu, hay fever and sinus symptoms. But that’s not

where the benefits end. Asthma, rhinitis, otitis

media, hearing difficulties, vertigo, tinnuitis, headaches and migraines, Oedema, tonsillitis, glandular viruses, surfers and swimmers ear, bites (including spider &mosquitoes) and wounds or skin, viral and bacterial infections, frequent flyers and can all be effectively treated with body, ear or face candling.  It also has a great effect in detoxifying the body and reduces stress and tension related the above ailments.

Candling is a very holistic, non-invasive, relaxing treatment that focusses on letting go of blockages within the body, both physically, mentally and emotionally.




When Jo first started practicing the technique, she specialized in allergies (Sinus, Hayfever & Asthma). It was a condition she was familiar with, and one which seemed to affect a limitless amount of adults and children. Among its many benefits, is the speed with which candling works, and she saw (and continue to see) huge improvements in her clients after only one treatment. The second benefit of this treatment is the sustainability of the results. Patients with severe symptoms required regular sessions, but none more frequently than once every four to six months, and each session brings with it a greater vitality and improvement. After a year or two the majority of patients find they can reduce their treatments to once or twice a year.


Childhood Ear Problems


Many babies and small children have issues with

their auditory systems, particularly otitis media with

effusion (OME). Also known as ‘glue ear’, this common

childhood condition often resolves itself. However, in

more severe cases it can require an operation and

grommets - small tubes inserted into the ear to help

drain excess fluid from the ear canal. Ear candling

is the only natural therapy that can effectively tackle

OME. While the technique has garnered a lot of

negative press (many doctors often would condemn

it as useless), my success treating children with this

condition has now earned me more than a few

referrals from these medical specialists and it is the

preferred option by many specialists for cleaning the

ear safely.


Candling is an ancient therapeutic treatment used

over 2500 years ago by both the Hopi Native

Americans and also the Egyptians which applies

simple laws of science. The flame of the candle

(when the candle is properly seated in the ear or

on the body) creates a draw or vacuum which pulls

the wax and other particles of debris out of the ear and up into the candle.

The vacuum is caused by the warmed air from the flame and the colder existing air moving through the hollow chamber of the candle. The movement and compression between the ear canal and the canal chamber generate air flow with increasing velocity, thus producing the ‘sucking vacuum’.  This has the same effect through the pores of the skin on the face and body through the lymphatic system and the sinuses.


Others suggest that the vacuum caused by the burning flame and hollow candle helps to draw toxins and excessive wax out of the ear. I believe the later however, whatever the reason behind its effectiveness, as a treatment for common conditions like hay fever, colds, flus, asthma and otitis media, ear candling really is second to none.

Jo has seen over 3500 candling clients over the past 20 years.  

                                      What people say...

"I always have congestion and sinus issues; I couldn’t believe during the session that I could feel the congestion drying up and clearing instantly.  It was like a miracle, one that I had waited so long for as it had been so debilitating for me for so many years.  Now I only have 2 sessions a year and I haven’t taken any sinus medication in over three years, nor have I had the flu or tonsillitis which I had too often." Kat


"I had a spider bite on my arm which was red, hard and very painnful, after Jo candled the spider bite the redness and hardness disappeared completely and the pain was gone.  After an hour after the session I couldn’t even feel or see the bite anymore." Rebecca



"I started having problems with my ear plus my sinuses were completely blocked, which made breathing through my nose in yoga class extremely difficult and rather annoying. I tried ear candling at home with small candles and ear drops from the chemist, but the results were minimal. After speaking with Jo at one of her group healing evenings, I booked in to have my ears professionally candled. I couldn't believe how blocked up my ears were, and I am such a clean freak! I would highly recommend ear candling to anyone who wants to feel more balanced, clear and refreshed.” Rachel   


“I can't recommend Jo's ear candling enough. I have suffered from debilitating sinus issues and have noticed a significant improvement after only two sessions. I was amazed at how relaxing it is & look forward to each session as it has benefited me to no end.” Nat


“Our 18-month-old daughter was struggling to speak and having problems hearing us. Having discovered that her ear fluid was not draining, specialists were keen to insert grommets into her ear. Jo came very highly recommended, and I am so glad we tried out ear candling first. After the first session, my daughter slept so peacefully. My husband and I were both shocked by the amount of wax and fluid that came out in the first session, and we couldn’t believe the results. Our daughter responded straight away when we spoke to her, she could finally hear us! After 2-3 weeks, she started to make new sounds and even said her first words. We can’t thank Jo enough and we recommend her highly. She changed the life of our little girl, and we are so glad that we didn’t put her through the operation the specialists and doctors had thought necessary. Thank you, Jo!.” Mari Lou

"I had been suffering from a bad sinus infection for two weeks.  The whole session with Jo was very relaxing and so much wax and other 'stuff' came out it was amazing to see the reason as to what was causing me such pain and congestion. What's more amazing is that I didn't feel any sucking or pulling as this was happening. The candle simply rests at the opening of your ear. The session finished with a beautiful massage and I left feeling 'light' in the head, in a good way, and with my fingers crossed I would start to feel better within 24 hours... I woke up the next morning with absolutely no pain at all! My face, head and glands were no longer tender and swollen. I felt completely clear in the head. I was blown away at how something as simple as extracting ear wax and sinus congestion could make me 100% better - and so quickly.


I also want to mention that even before getting sick I would always wake up heavy headiness, almost like an allergy headache or tension pain in the head and neck which I just put down to tiredness - due to two active non sleeping toddlers. This had been the case for about 3 or more years. Since I've had the ear candling done I wake up completely clear and completely pain free. I'm not exaggerating when I say this alone has been life changing for me and my wellbeing. Thanks so much Jo!" Kirstin


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