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Workplace Massage

Would you love your employees to be more productive? happier?  energised?   focused?

We assist you to create a wellness environment at your workplaces with our corporate massage service.

Since 2002, Revitalize Lifestyle has been reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, lowering stress and workplace injuries and rewarding their staff with massage in your workplace. In just a few minutes, our caring team of experienced therapists will de-stress, invigorate and revitalise your team.

According to ABS, many of the best companies to work and Employers of Choice for use massage as an excellent way to attract, reward and retain valuable staff. We can cater workplace wellness packages to suit your company’s needs, whether you require massages weekly, monthly or on a casual basis.  We also work at many corporate events like R U OK Day and World Mental Health Day.

We offer both seated and table massage.  Massages can range from 5 minutes to 30minute massages and can be seated or on a massage table.  Our 15 and 20 minute massages are the most popular.

Revitalize Lifestyle use fully qualified and professional trained staff. Staff have their Level 2 First Aid Certificate and Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

Why would you invest in Workplace Massage?

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Lower health problems including headache, injuries and mental health ailments

  • Improve productivity and focus

  • Boost team morale

  • Enhance motivation

  • Your team will be refreshed and invigorated

  • Improve energy levels

  • Higher staff retention and decrease absenteeism

  • Lower sick leave and workers compensation claims

To find out more email or call 0417549218

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Workplace wellness statistics


In Australia, absenteeism costs an estimated $7 billion, and presenteeism (working at a reduced capacity) more than $26 billion, every year, according to a Medibank Private study.  The average cost of absence is now $347 per work day.

What the clients say!

Revitalize Lifestyle have been coming into our workplace for 6 years on a monthly basis.  We have noticed a significant difference in staff morale but more importantly our staff retention has increased dramatically and our sick leave has reduced by a high percentage.  Thanks team - Julie Vodafone

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