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Christmas Gift of Wellness


The Peace & Tranquility Gift Pack


  • Gorgeous Palo Santo stick. Palo Santo incense is used for it's energetically cleansing & healing properties. It is also used for relieving colds & flu symptoms, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression,inflammation, emotional pain & more.

  • Pro-m-emo Peace Essence. This natural oral essences is amazing at balancing our emotional wellbeing. Find out more about the Pro-m-emo essences at

  • Selenite Bar crystal. To cleanse and clear yourself, your home, office or other crystals . It dispels negative energy, enhances clarity, focus and creates calm.

  • Jade Facial Roller. The natural face-lift. This little gem helps with anti-aging, improves facial tone and the lymphatics system, minimises puffiness and wrinkles and relaxes your facial muscles.

  • Sandalwood incense. Sandalwood is the perfect incense to burn while meditating for its calming scent. Sandalwood can also be used in ceremonies for good luck, protection, success and healing.

Gift pack $49

To purchase either call or text Jo Surkitt on 0417549218 or email

Payment can be made by cash, direct debit or credit card.

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