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The importance of reflection before we move into the next decade

I’m inspired by and grateful for what I’ve discovered, experienced and learnt throughout the past year and the amazing ways in which it has changed my life on every level.

I feel it’s important to take the time to reflect on 2019 but also the past decade as we head into the 2020’s so we can grow, improve, learn and experience an even better decade ahead.

Take the time to celebrate our successes and reflect on memorable events and moments and also taking heed of our mistakes or misjudgements, learning from these failures and becoming a strong, more resilient, courageous and wiser person.  It allows us to grow as human beings.

There is a quick reflection questionnaire in the link bio for those that would like to start fresh in 2020.

Releasing what is no longer serving you, finding your vision for the year ahead, thinking about the amazing people that surround you or the ones you would like to meet and get to know. Do more of the things that make your heart sing and less of the things that don’t.  Find time for stillness as well as movement.

Grab your journal and take a few moments to reflect on 2019.

1. What was the most important goal I achieved this year?

2. What was an unexpected obstacle?

3. What made me most proud?

4. What are 3 things I will stop doing in the next 12 months?

5. What are 3 things I will start doing in the next 12 months?

6. What are 3 things I will continue doing in the next 12 months?

7. What were my biggest wins / successes from the past year?

8. What was the best adventure I had?

9. What moments do you remember that were really fun?

10. What was the nicest thing someone did for me this year?

11. What was the nicest thing I did for someone else this year?

12. What 5 people did I enjoy spending time with?

13. Which new skills did I learn or develop?

14. What or who am I most thankful for?

15. Where did I make my biggest contribution?

16. What did 2019 teach me?

17. How did I surprise myself?

18. What’s the best compliment that I received?

19. What is my best memory of the year?

20. What are 3 words I would use to describe this year?


On a scale of 1 to 10, where would I rate this year?

In the next blog we will look at how we approach the year ahead to achieve our aspirations, goals, visions and ideas.

May your 2020 be everything you envisage it to be.  Be safe, be kind, be open to new things, feel and spread the love!

Blessings, good health and happiness,

Jo Surkitt

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